About Fanar

Fanar is a cultural intelligence assessment company that delivers CQ assessments, training and coaching. CQ is a well researched and validated model for intercultural training from the center for cultural intelligence or CQC. Ghadah Angawi is a certified Advanced CQC Assessor and Trainer. Over the years of working cross-culturally and with international clients,  Dr. Angawi uses a combination of leadership and team coaching models with CQ to facilitate transformation in organizations based on a systemic approach to senior leaders and their teams in an ever-changing and intercultural landscape.

Fanar is the Lighthouse. The lighthouse is called ‘Fanar’ in Arabic and its origin is a Greek word, ‘Fanari’- the light - illustrating an intercultural etymology: to give direction in difficulty and insight into uncertainty, reaching and achieving. That is the vision behind Fanar."

-Dr. Ghada Angawi

Fanar's Mission

‘‘To shine a light so that people can navigate the journey to reach destinations and goals."

"To promote peace, love, and harmony as the essence of all intercultural interaction."

"Interculturally we change the world..."