What We Do

We are an intercultural coaching and consulting firm. Our work is focused on intercultural coaching, leadership and organisational training. We help organizations understand the challenges they face in communication between leaders and team members, assess cultural and emotional intelligence, and develop solutions suitable to their operational context and professional aspirations. Our collaborating team members are spread out in different locations across the USA and worldwide.

We believe that people enjoy life the most when they feel their skills, potential and contributions are recognized, coaching helps you evaluate your life, your career ambitions, and your environment to ensure that you make the most of your resources and achieve the life you always imagined.

We help you realise this by conducting early assessments on cultural and emotional intelligence, we then draw a future map to understand where you want to be, and then we help you change in order to reach those goals. intercultural coaching is a process by which you gradually discover your own unique path to success and fulfillment in life.

The assessments we offer are based on cultural intelligence & emotional intelligence; together they form the basis for how people interact with each other and the world at large, how they see values, and how they work to achieve their goals. We believe a thorough understanding of the self and it's needs is vital to helping people move forward and become better individuals that better themselves and their communities.

You can see the services we offer at our assessments, training and coaching pages.

Our Mission

‘‘To creatively align culture with business and leadership goals for elevated performance and intercultural communication."