About Fanar

"Fanar’s story reflects my own, which includes six constant lights that I call ‘my children’; perhaps they have guided me in equal or greater measure as I have guided them for that hopeful quality. Out of our dreams that take to the sky, sacrifice and tears, patience and persistence, and the courage to try and take risks were the counterweights for wings. Ones that I learned to spread as I progressed through many ideals and directions; as I formed my own understanding of what it means to have an identity; as I learned through trial and error how to form successful relationships, and finally to touch ground in a place of serenity. I came to accept my limitations yet focus on my strengths to reach my goals. As I traveled through books, ideas and countries, I learned that being flexible and adaptable, with humbleness to learn and connect with others, was my secret to success. I also learned that I belong nowhere until only to myself. I am unique and will continue to be".

Fanar is the Lighthouse. I chose the lighthouse in the year 2000 as an image for who I am. The lighthouse is called ‘Fanar’ in Arabic and its origin is a Greek word, ‘Fanari’- the light - illustrating an intercultural etymology. I see myself and the work I do with others as a ‘Fanar’: to give direction in difficulty and insight into uncertainty, reaching and achieving. That is the vision behind Fanar."

-Dr. Ghada Angawi

Fanar's Mission

‘‘To shine a light so that people can navigate the journey to reach destinations and goals."

"To promote peace, love, and harmony as the essence of all intercultural interaction."

"Interculturally we change the world..."