About Fanar

Do you feel that you are managing instead of leading? Do you want to inspire, motivate and help poeple perform? Do you find it difficult to express yourself or help others navigate their own emotions to solve a problem, overcome a barrier and make a decision?

Does culture have its weight on your communication forcing you to shift and forming barriers? maybe you have multi-cultural teams and struggle to bring cohesion and collaboration? Perhaps these cultural barriers are a result of an organizational merger or acquisition? or maybe you have been promoted to a higher level of leadership which involves teams and are faced with all the new tasks of communication and strategy? Or have an international presence elsewhere that need a totally different approach in communication ? Or have moved or relocated in a new role and trying to cope on different levels.

we are a consulting firm with a focus on leadership coaching,  intercultural training  and organizational cultural alignment.  We help organizations understand the challenges they face in communication between leaders and team members, assess cultural and emotional intelligence, and develop solutions suitable to their operational context and professional aspirations. Our collaborating team members are spread out in different locations across the USA and worldwide.

- We help leaders at all levels draft a communication strategy and lead teams successfully in any culture.
- We help leaders in transition or who are leading a transformation.
- We help stressed out leaders find balance and prioritize in the midst of change.
- We help leaders in cross cultural environment effectively communicate and deliver.

Our belief is the challenges we face stem from our communication style and our ability to connect with others. The spirit of leadership lies in our intentions and how we articulate ourselves and help others navigate their emotions and thoughts. Understanding cultural challenges is a big part of the communication. Our clients find our coaching sessions transcending and life changing. The skills they take away goes far beyond work to other areas of their lives.

We start by conducting assessments on cultural and emotional intelligence, we then draw a future map to understand where you want to be, and then we hold you accountable for reaching those goals. Leadership coaching is a process by which you gradually discover your own unique path to success and fulfillment in life.

Dr Ghadah Angawi, the lead coach and founder of Fanar,  has coached many leaders from different nationalities across the globe over the past 18 years.  Her own story of cultural adaptation and success contains the secret to her coaching power.  She is a certified leadership and intercultural communication coach, and author. Ghadah's PhD is in strategic leadership behavioral roles and she is also certified cultural intelligence CQ and emotional intelligence EQ.

Our Mission

‘‘To creatively align culture with business and leadership goals for elevated performance and intercultural communication."