Intercultural Coaching

The 11 coaching competencies published in March 1999 by the ICF were formed through the work of the Portfolio Exam Committee and based on the common successful practices of experienced coaches in western cultures (Barosa-Pereira 2014). The challenge arises when moving to a different culture, where there is an additional competency that require awareness of the cultural values of the new culture.

The cultural values of the new culture could be a combination of several merging cultures. Thus, its not enough to learn the main culture pertaining to the geographical location where the coach is operating now.  The global transitions and movement or relocation is at its highest now and new mergers of multi cultures are arising with new generation that is not third or even fourth kid culture but more. The new generation is already out there working and leading, what are we going to do about this rapid change and demand?

I through this because I believe we need a new approach to intercultural training or intercultural coaching , this is called Cultural Intelligence! 

The new approach gives you the ability to work and perform effectively in any culture, its not to do with a specific cultural values for a specific cultural cluster, its to do with you as a coach, leader or professional.  It gives you the set of skills that equip you with a strategy in any cultural situation.


Barosa-Pereira, Alexandra. 2014. “Building Cultural Competencies in coaching: Essay for the first steps.” Journal of Psychological issues in organizational culture 5 (2).

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