Consulting & Assessments

Assessing the Environment

Assessing the environment is the first and most important role for any effective solution to take place, . We offer to play that role before and throughout the process. We help leaders to continue that role after we conclude our services by implementing the right tools in place, if they do not have one. 

Intercultural & Communication Strategy and Positioning

We help  client focus on local indicators of performance related to organizational culture and team functions and communication. We aim to measure and build our solutions on the outcome of the assessments. We repeat the assessments at the end of the intervention to  measure outcome and ROI.. Our partnership with Cultural Intelligence Center CQC allows us to run these assessments and produce reliable and worldwide bench marked results. 

Our focus on organizational culture and communication means  facilitating diversity and Inclusion D&I strategies making sure they are part of the organizations long-term plans.  Our partnership with Six Seconds allows us to incorporate emotional intelligence  EQ competencies in the process inspiring deeper human interaction and organizational health.  We have access to a variety of Six Seconds assessments for leadership and teams as well as decision making and handling information brain profiles.

To learn more about EQ and CQ follow the links to our pages on the subject. 

Trust and Credibility

We only present to our clients the solutions with minimal disruption building trust through clear expectations that we can live up to. We only take projects that are clearly defined and ethically aligned with our approach.