A passion for ‘the making the world a better place’

As an experienced intercultural communication facilitator, my journey of living and working in different countries and interacting and supporting teams from diverse backgrounds has brought me to see that we will only thrive as beings if we learn the art of peace, love, and harmony.

While I bring a unique offering to every group and team of people, I customize and align the needs of that group with the higher purpose they convened to achieve. My expertise remains grounded in conventional standards but the magic of interaction is achieved through the people.


Leadership, coaching skills, managing cultures and change, supporting team emotional intelligence, supporting team culture and performance, communication for conflict transformation, connecting and the power of being, and how to be part of the world’s future and co-create the social sustainability.


Training fees exclude travel, accommodation, and expenses.  I make sure that I stay within your budget if I am passionate about the subject and the type of expertise that is in line with my mission in Fanar. Assessment is separately billed according to the type and number of attendees assessed.