I like to work with leaders at different levels simultaneously guided by their needs and their teams' needs. While I make sure the basic communication and intercultural competencies are covered, I also make sure that team synergy and collaboration are brought to light at all sessions to ensure alignment and balance.

Personal leadership level relates to personal vision in life, prioritizing, achieving personal goals, relationships and balance in life.  Any leader has to have these competencies. It can also mean how a leader manages their thoughts and emotions resulting in a specific behavioral pattern.
Team leadership level is where team communication happens.  A leader practices emotional intelligence EQ and learns about the team brain profiles BP.  When a leader is interacting with others, the interpersonal level of leadership immediately shows.  Most leaders have developed communication skills on a one to one basis. What leaders mostly lack is team coaching skills which are another set of competencies. With TDS assessment, I can coach a leader to coach their team for performance and cultural positivity.
Strategic leadership level includes a higher purpose to being in service to the worlds. The worlds with plural S means we are interdependent with the world of animals, plants and all planets. A leader who owns their leadership does not differentiate and works in alignment with all these beings. My mission is to facilitate for leaders that overarching purpose during their leadership years.
I make sure that my sessions are flexible in how they are designed and customized to suit all leaders. In the process, I identify my ideal client and make sure they understand the value I offer as well as I understand what value they will bring to the worlds.



“Ghada is incredibly discerning and has an innate ability to lean in on what needs attention.   She is personable, sharp and absolutely effective! “
Richardson Fontaine, Director in Telecommunication Company, 2018