Leadership Coaching

If you are looking for leadership coaching that addresses team communication and performance, Fanar delivers both with an eagle perspective of organizational strategy and performance.

The skills we work on with leaders as we coach them are not just a one level focus. Instead we work on all leadership levels simultaneously.  Dr Ghadah Angawi  coaching approach is a journey from  personal leadership to strategic leadership. guided by the leaders' needs and their teams.  While she makes sure the basic communication and intercultural competencies are covered, she also makes sure that team synergy and collaboration are at focus in all the sessions.  She addresses strategic levels between now and then to ensure alignment.



Personal leadership level relates to personal vision in life, prioritizing, achieving personal goals, relationships and balance in life.  Any leader as to have these competencies. It can also mean how they manage their thoughts and emotions resulting in a specific behavioral pattern.
Team leadership level  this is where team communication happens.  A leader practices emotional intelligence EQ and learn about the team brain profiles BP. When a leader is interacting with others, the interpersonal level of leadership immediately shows.  Most leaders have developed communication skills on a one to one basis. What leaders mostly lack is team communication which is another set of competencies.
Strategic leadership level a 360 assessment using EQ or CQ provides an insight on the leadership style of communication and global mind set through  with the guidance of a well researched effective leadership behavioral model.

Global Leadership coaching

Global leadership coaching addresses the clients’ own and immediate concerns in cross-cultural or multi cultural situations. The process helps the clients to acknowledge their identity in the midst of agile cultures inside and outside their business environments. This strengthens their leadership qualities and facilitates their best performance during change and transition. It also trains them to observe change, interact with its elements and modify their approach accordingly.



I can confirm that Ghada Angawi delivered an Subject Matter Expert session on the United Arab Emirates for Cartus in May of 2017. It was delivered to a group of individuals from the US who are working with Emirati nationals.
Dianne MullenManager, Intercultural AcademyCartus Intercultural & Language SolutionsUSA - 2017