Why Training?

Training is a solution when there are practical skills that require interaction between participants. We are flexible to deliver online from a distance or physically in person. The interaction between people is important in either and our approach is built around it.

Our Trainers

Dr Ghadah Angawi delivers most of the training personally nationally and internationally. If the demand is across boarders and requires local trainers, Fanar trainers in different global locations are qualified with extensive expertise and training history. They are either natives to the cultural context or have lived and conducted business in that context. Our approach includes  contextual and cultural aspects of faith, gender, race, power, group relations and structure. The list below is just a sample and not limited.

Course List



Training fees exclude travel, accommodation and expenses.  We contract with trainers when necessary to serve you with your affordable budget in mind.  Assessment are separately billed according to the type and number of attendees assessed. Most if the assessments we conduct are provided by our partners: Six Seconds, Cultural Intelligence Center and others.  Click here to send your inquiry.