Neocharismatic Leadership

Fanar is a specialized in Neocharismatic Leadership and Team Performance in Multicultural Organizations administering assessments, delivering training, and systemic coaching.

Ghadah Angawi, the founder of Fanar, is passionate about transformational leadership and organizational culture. Her model of Neocharismatic leadership, is focused on leadership roles during strategic decision making and transformation in organizations. Ghadah is an advanced Team Diagnostic Survey practitioner, Cultural Intelligence Center (CQC) Certified Advanced Assessor and Trainer, Practitioner Certified Coach (PCC), and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) certified assessor.

Over the years of working in multicultural organizations and with international clients from all over the world, Dr. Angawi has worked with teams and leaders creatively facilitating a culture of collaboration and innovation, through a systemic approach for the whole organization.

Fanar addresses all levels of leadership in a journey that actualizes each and every individual's needs and learning path.  This not only increases the bottom line, but also adds value through motivating and inspiring underutilized expertise and skills in a diverse workforce.

The concept is to shine the light on the diverse marketplace that has been long neglected and co-create a new system that brings together all the parts.

Fanar is the Lighthouse. The lighthouse is called ‘Fanar’ in Arabic and its origin is a Greek word, ‘Fanari’- the light - illustrating an intercultural etymology: to give direction in difficulty and insight into uncertainty, reaching and achieving. That is the vision behind Fanar. Fanar is an ethically driven company that only works in support of its mission to create harmony and peace for a sustainable future.

Ghada Angawi, PhD, ACC, CCA, TDS


Fanar's Mission

‘‘To shine a light to enable leaders to navigate the journey. To support creating high performing teams across cultures. To bring value to organizations through all diverse resources. ".