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Find your leadership time!


It’s not a mystery that we get more energy in the early hours of dawn. I am sure most of you agree. The challenge is to rise and stay. I can’t say I will always be that committed, but I found that it’s the best time for intellectual focus and getting yourself together when life seems hectic.

As a coach with my own business, I can get sucked into the daily stress of managing my world and forgetting about leadership. Some of you may wonder, you already lead your business. True, but let me explain that there is a slight difference between leading and managing. In leadership, you visualize and envision, you create and solve, you think about relations and communication. On the other hand, management requires administrative tasks, regular nonproductive communication and worst, money issues.

Liberating yourself from management to lead as a major role in the creative business approach, means you need to have a stress free environment. This means no pressure of calls, appointment, and list of tasks. It means being IN TIME rather than THROUGH TIME. In Time where we submerge ourselves to feel, get in touch and create. Through time is where we are conscious of the passing of seconds and minutes and what needs to happen next or for the completion of a project.

Both are important, but for the management through time to happen smoothly, an in-time TIME must happen regularly to create meaning, connect to a vision and reflect on purpose.

What I like to bring to you here is a skill that can only be achieved by truly committing to a once-a-week ( at least) leadership time!