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Company Profile

Fanar Consulting LLC provides services for intercultural training, global leadership development and organizational culture assessments. It gives specific business consultation for Middle East and Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.

– Capability Statement

Our Clients

  1. Clients who deal directly with GCC countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and Bahrain) exporting services  and commercial products requiring high level negotiation and intercultural communication with officials and local agents purchasing their services.
  2. Diplomatic organizations, humanitarian and not for profit organizations requiring intercultural training and coaching in GCC countries along with their families and dependents to be able to adapt and perform with ease.
  3.  Business organizations with multicultural teams, cross cultural business, and a global leadership force who wish to build an excellent organizational culture and a high ROI in its own people.
  4.  Educational and higher educational institutions with study abroad programs or international student presence.
  5.  Organizations who want to implement effective diversity and inclusion policies.
  6. Health providers,  medical and nursing schools, and health insurance organizations who deal with multicultural clients and wish to train or coach their staff and leaders or incorporate an intercultural training curriculum into their own program.


DUNs # 080677439
NAICs #  541611,  611430 , 541612, 611210,  611710,  624310, 541720
Cage #  7VUX8
PSC # R426, R431, R799, R408, U001,  U002, U004,  U006, U008,  U009,  U010,  U099, AM16, AE16, AF16
Certifications: CT/DAS Women owned MBE, SBA self certified

SAM registered and active


– Working across cultures
–Arabic language services and Arab countries business consultation
–CQ and EQ assessments for oragnizational culture and leadership
–Competitive pricing  and women owned buisness

Core competencies

– Ghada Angawi PhD, an ACC & CCA accredited coach, trainer and consultant
– Dr Angawi speaks and writes flaunt Arabic with an extensive business experience in GCC countries with public and private organizations.
– Assessment, training and customized solutions from current published research
– Highly qualified consultants, trainers and coaches in the United States & worldwide
– Leadership Development for underrepresented groups, addressing