Team CQ 360 plus Training and Coaching

If you are a leader looking at your team culture and performance, and your team is multi-cultural, international, or just a team of people from different backgrounds and experiences, you will want to support your team to see how they interact, collaborate and make decisions together. We offer a team report resulting from the aggregation of all the members CQ 360 assessment.
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The Team version of our 360° Assessment, Group CQ Pro or Group CV is a tool designed for teams where individual team members act as observers. The report can be generated at any of the described assessment levels provided. it is bought with online or in-person training or group coaching. 

In the case of a team, an administrator or program coordinator will start by forming teams. Individuals on those teams will rate themselves on the four CQ capabilities and will then get an opportunity to provide feedback on each of the other team members’ CQ. Team feedback is aggregated and presented to each individual for comparison to their self-rated scores. This product comes with online or in-person training, or with a team coaching engagement with Dr. Ghadah Angawi. Previous to that, a short consultation process takes place to determine the best course of action and the most suitable approach.


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