Cultural intelligence (CQ) Pro


The Cultural Intelligence Assessment CQ Pro evaluates effectiveness in diverse situations by measuring capabilities in four distinct areas: CQ DriveCQ KnowledgeCQ Strategy, and CQ Action.

This assessment is ordered from CQC through Dr Angawi. This products here is a debrief session after taking the assessment. The session will support you in understanding the report and devising a personal development action plan in Intercultural competence or D&I. For more information contact us in the following form:



CQ Assessments is a self-rating assessment that helps individuals understand how they perform in the four capabilities and 13 subdimensions of CQ.

It is accompanied by a development plan and includes the Cultural Values (CV) assessment. The report contains an action planning section for sustained learning.
CQ Assessments measures one’s

  • motivation to interact with people who are different from them
  • knowledge about similarities and differences across cultures
  • ability to strategize before interacting with someone who is different from them
  • ability to adapt and flex when interactions don’t go according to plan


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