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The Team Diagnostic Survey (TDS), based on the 6 Conditions framework, is a deeply researched and well-validated team effectiveness assessment. The TDS is a proprietary instrument developed by Harvard scholars and practitioners—Richard Hackman, Ruth Wageman and Erin Lehman. Their research identified 6 conditions that together predict up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness. This instrument and its underlying framework enables teams, team leaders and team facilitators to effectively design, launch and coach great teams.

Dr Angawi is an advanced practitioner in TDS. She administers the survey and debrief it for the leader and team over a two-day retreat.

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Key Facts About the TDS
-Developed by leading scholar-practitioners on teams at Harvard University.
-Psychometrically sound and peer-reviewed, validated using data collected on more than 1000+ teams in diverse settings globally.
-Measures the 6 conditions that collectively predict up to 80% of a team’s effectiveness
-Guides the designing, launching & coaching of teams (60-30-10 rule)
-Commercially released in 2017
-Used by top teams in Fortune 500 companies, & public and non-profit orgs.
-Used by leadership teams, startup teams, agile teams, flight crews, surgical teams, project teams, sales teams, operations teams, finance teams, professional services teams and more.
-Produces a 27-page report including detailed feedback on the 6 conditions, 3 key task processes and 3 team effectiveness outcomes as well as supplementary qualitative and quantitative feedback.
-Available for use by teams, team leaders, team facilitators / consultants/ coaches, internal learning and development professionals as well as for enterprises.
– Distributed through a global network of certified TDS practitioners such as Dr Angawi.


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