Team Coaching

Ghadah coaching a team in a telecommunications company using a system network

What is Team Coaching

Team coaching is the art of supporting a team from the moment of conception to the team’s completion of its mission or performance cycle through navigating its culture and performance with reflection, powerful questions, and action planning as it relates to its bigger context and interacts with its system.

Team Coaching Approach

Dr Angawi has coached over 20 teams and their leaders in the corporate  environment from different levels of leadership. She is passionate about building trust and transparency while working with teams on interdependence and collaboration. She uses many model available including the CQ and EQ as well as T groups.

Team Performance Assessment

Dr Angawi is also an advanced practitioner for Team Diagnostic Survey TDS. Here is a little bit about TDS model of coaching.

TDS focuses on the six condition of team performance as in the first two triangles on the left of the model. They are the essentials for great team performance. Key task processes addresses the work the team does to reach its peak performance. The outcome of this work shows as team effectiveness.