Training and Workshops

‘A passion for intercultural communication’

As an experienced intercultural communication facilitator, my journey of living and working in different countries and interacting and supporting teams from diverse backgrounds has brought me to see that we will only thrive as beings if we learn the art of peace, love, and harmony.

While I bring a unique offering to every group and team of people, I customize and align the needs of that group with the higher purpose they convened to achieve. My expertise remains grounded in conventional standards but the magic of interaction is achieved through the people.

Online Live Training

If you are an individual that loves to learn from interaction with a trainer or through group activities guided by a facilitator, this is the right place for you.

Ghadah offers her expertise online to save on accommodation and traveling costs. All you need to do is get your team or group of learners together and organize a live one hour webinar, half day or full day training.

In-person Training

This includes either or of the above without the e-Learning. Dr. Angawi brings the learning environment to your location. The interactivity and physical presence of a real facilitator and a certified coach is a choice if your organization has the resources. You can do a half-day or a full-day of training.

Note: in-person fees do not include travel, meals and accommodation expenses. Assessment is separately billed according to the type and number of attendees assessed.