Why Fanar?

Our Clients

Our clients are leaders and teams who work in a multicultural business environment, they aspire to adopt a holistic intercultural approach. Our involvement enables them to develop better communication, respect, collaboration and teamwork across landscapes, identities and expertise.


Ethical approach

At Fanar we believe ethical intercultural leadership is behind business sustainability and the betterment of communities.  We instill ethical practices by tapping into core human values.

Coaching culture

Coaching is key to help leaders engage fully with their teams and be more communicative.  Based on the goals and needs of leaders, we provide EQ SEI 360 leadership profile and/or CQ 360 leadership profile.  We also offer group and team coaching based on these assessments. In team coaching we bring in additional techniques to promote collaboration and goal achievement. Our coaches are all credible and certified with long standing experience in the field nationally and internationally. 

Fanar works on many other objectives to support organizations:

  • Cultural intelligence CQ Assessments in multi cultural organizations or cross cultural international organizations. 
  • Emotional Intelligence EQ assessments to promote better communication and a culture of collaboration. 
  • Overcoming communication barriers through a specific mix of training and coaching tools.
  • Supporting leadership and teams in transition.
  • Developing a communication plan for elevating rapport and trust between teams and departments.
  • Supporting local and distant cultures to interact together.
  • Identifying opportunities for social, cultural and meaningful interaction with the local environment.